Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery

We have specialized in data recovery, which is our main branch, since 1998. We have know-how and we own a laboratory. Our effectiveness is confirmed by credentials of reputable companies and institutions. We guarantee complete confidentiality – we have got Certified Information Systems Security Professional.
In our laboratory, data recovery is secured by antistatic elements. The disks are opened in the same conditions they were made in. We are up to the standard of air cleanliness (100 points, clean room), which makes data recovery possible. Our main seat is located in Warsaw.

The data recovery procedures in our laboratory.
We have recovered data that was lost in various circumstances. The variety of cases has helped us work out new methods of data recovery. Before the process of recovery takes place, the damaged medium is checked. Then we accurately diagnose the medium. The diagnosis shows if the recovery is possible, and estimates the cost of the service. The preliminary diagnosis is free.

When we recover data from logically damaged media, we create an image of the disk on the server (we convert byte for byte). Then we copy the image from the server to our disk. Only from then on we use the specialistic tools for data recovery. After we see what can be recovered, we create a list of files and give it to the client.

When we are to recover data from medium that was damaged mechanically and/or electronically we firstly have to fix the medium. However, this repair will rather not make the medium work without problems but will help create an image of the disk on the server.
It sometimes happens that in the disk there are three plates and six heads, which means that data is stored on six surfaces. Unfortunately, one of the surfaces of a plate is impossible to be read. Then we create an image of five surfaces and we try to recover as much data as we can. Sometimes it happens that the original record (it’s the place where there is a serial number written on) is damaged. When we use a specialistic tool, we can read the medium in BIOS and recover data. Having fixed the medium, we create its image on the server. Then the procedure is the same as in the case of logical damage.We keep the copies of media on the server for thirty days. If our client wants it, we can extend this period. We can do so
if, for example, we carry out computer forensic service and we know that we later will need the data from the suspected medium as the evidence in court.

Confidentiality – professional recovery and security of the data The DABI Data Recovery company from Warsaw wants to fulfill clients’ expectations as far as security of entrusted property is concerned. We, as the first company in Poland, cooperate with the Security of Secret Information Agent since October 2002. In accordance with the act of 22 January 1999 concerning the security of secret information, the Agent:
– assures security of entrusted property
– initiates the binding regulations concerning the security of information
– checks if the regulations are properly used
– trains our workers
In November 2002 the company’s workers, in accordance with the act concerning the security of secret information, underwent an exam and obtained the Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This made possible recoverying the data from the all kinds of computer media that contain secret information. Data recovery done by the company DABI Data Recovery will not only make reading secret information from damaged media possible, but also it will surely help fight against computer crime. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional confirms high standards of security of data recovery service.
Internal Security Agency or Military Information Service carry out checking procedures. DABI Data Recovery workers underwent special obligatory training. In the company there started functioning new procedures and technical means which main role is to eliminate risk of damage to entrusted property, in this case a computer medium containing secret information. All this was to help in initiation of the binding regulations concerning the security of information.